The Business Analyst Job Description – What Does a BA Do?

Business Analyst Job DescriptionMy business analysis career has consisted in large part of short contract roles. That’s because I love the variety and experience that contracting brings me.

But this also means that I’ve sat a lot of job interviews. And I’ve had to think long and hard about the job description of a business analyst.

This experience has given me a solid understanding of what makes a successful business analyst and some of the core skills and abilities that a BA should possess.

In this post I’m going to tell you exactly what those attributes are.

But to begin with, I’m going to explain the role of the business analyst.

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Solution Assessment Criteria – How to Develop a Recommendation for the Implementation of a System

Solution Assessment Criteria Business Case Options

If you’re developing a business case where several technology options and implementation approaches are being assessed it’s highly recommended that you have a structured method for recommending the best approach forward. The benefits of having a structured method is:

It takes the confusion out of assessing multiple solutions and approaches, and

The final recommendation made to decision makers is based on solid verifiable analysis.

In this post I will show you a powerful method for developing assessment criteria for scoring a range of implementation options.  I will guide you through an example which is based on a business case for assessing four broad options.

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5 Popular Requirements Prioritisation Techniques – How to Assess and Prioritise Requirements

Requirements Prioritisation TechniquesAbout Requirements Prioritisation

When prioritising requirements it’s important to ensure stakeholder involvement in the process. Typically, requirements are elicited through workshops, documented sources, and existing systems and processes. They are then documented and presented back to the stakeholders for prioritisation and/or elimination from scope. This is usually done in the form of a workshop.

If time permits, prioritisation may also occur during requirements sessions. However, lets assume that the final validation of requirements occurs after the initial gathering stage in another workshop with key stakeholders and decision makers. The objective is to prioritise requirements and processes that are more valuable to the organisation. For instance, high priority requirements may be processes that help the business increase revenue or mitigate risks. Lower priority requirements are those that provide minimal impact to organisational outputs or end user experience.

In this post I will describe 5 common requirements prioritisation techniques.

But firstly…

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Fast-Track Your CBAP/CCBA Prep with this CBAP Certification Study Guide

CBAP Certification Study GuideAre looking for a CBAP certification study guide to fast-track your CBAP/CCBA exam preparation? The Ultimate BABOK Kit developed by Yamo, The BA Coach might be the key to achieving your goals.

How does this CBAP certification study guide work?

The Ultimate BABOK Kit is a comprehensive resource designed to help you study for the CBAP or CCBA exam. The intention of this CBAP certification study guide is to help you pass the exam as fast as possible through presenting you with visual aids that assist you in remembering the BABOK Guide’s key information.

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