The BA Muster #2

The Business Analyst's ToolkitI hope you enjoy this week’s BA Muster bringing you articles from Business Analyst Learnings, The Business Analyst Times and the BA Coach.

1. Applying the Kano Analysis Model to Requirements Identification & Prioritization. Following on from my current theme focusing on business analysis techniques, the Kano Analysis Model is a way of eliciting, categorising and prioritising product requirements. I haven’t used this technique before but it’s certainly has my interest piqued. I like how requirements are categorised as threshold, performance and excitement requirements. Especially how excitement requirements “can help differentiate the business in the market and set it aside from competition.”

2. Decision Making: An Underlying Competency or What A Business Analyst Does. Kupe Kupersmith takes an in-depth look at decision making and how, as business analysts, one of our main roles is to support others in decision making. This is something I strongly believe in. He talks about the different types of decision makers, identifying the important decision makers, and using “analysis techniques and processes as tools to facilitate decision making.”

3. Seven Audiobooks Every BA Must Listen To (And How to Get One for FREE). I just have to say that the BA Coach is one of my favourite web sites. In this article, Yamo talks about the seven must have audio books for every business analyst. These resources support you in developing very important business analysis skills: communication and productivity.

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