Why an audience focused approach to business analysis is important

Previously, I introduced the first of the top 3 skills and qualities that will help you be truly successful in your business analyst career. It is about adopting a ‘problem solving’ focus as opposed to an implementation focus, which primarily involves problem identification, elicitation skills and stakeholder management. Now I want to tell you about the second of the top 3 skills and qualities. Read more

The Role of the Business Analyst

Business analysts help solve organisational problems. When an organisation needs to solve a current or future problem it is a business analyst’s job to help facilitate a solution. That solution may be introducing new technologies, processes, or strategies. Technology is not the only solution.

Read more

The Business Analyst Job Description

My business analysis career has consisted in large part of short contract roles. That’s because I love the variety and experience that contracting brings me.

But this also means that I’ve sat a lot of job interviews. And I’ve had to think long and hard about the job description of a business analyst.

This experience has given me a solid understanding of what makes a successful business analyst and some of the core skills and abilities that a BA should possess.

In this post I’m going to tell you exactly what those attributes are. Read more

Business Analysis in the Organisational Context

Business analysis can be performed at the strategic, tactical and operational levels within an organisation. Strategic business analysis identifies opportunities for improvement. Tactical business analysis flushes out the details of defined projects or initiatives. Operational business analysis deals with the evolving daily changes in the life of any change process. Read more

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