How to Identify the Likely Causes of a Problem – A Fishbone Analysis Example

Whenever there’s a problem to explore, which is most often during the initiation of a project, it’s useful to have a visual means of your analysis. Like mind mapping, the fishbone analysis method is a business analysis technique that enables you to explore the likely causes of a problem. The fishbone method can be used in brainstorming sessions or as a personal thinking tool.

Understanding the End Game of Your Business Analysis Effort

When starting a new initiative, ensure you have an understanding of the project’s end game. For instance, are you documenting business processes to enhance business efficiencies, developing or purchasing a software system to support a changing business environment, or developing an enterprise architecture to support an organisation’s strategic process?

What is Your Biggest Challenge as a Business Analyst?

My main challenge has always been with adapting to peoples’ various styles of communication. Especially with people that communicate in a very cryptic or terse manner. Technical challenges always seem somehow less confronting when having to grapple with arguably the most dominant feature of business analysis work. Communication.

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How to Deal with Overwhelming Circumstances

Sometimes work can be very overwhelming. Deadlines are being missed, your inbox is being bombarded, stakeholders are spiralling up into hysteria every time you talk to them, and it seems everywhere you look there are problems! In this post I give you my strategy for dealing with overwhelming circumstances.

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