3 Articles Describing Common Problems Faced by Business Analysts

This week’s link roundup brings you articles describing common business analyst challenges and also those faced by business analyst managers.

Top Business Analyst Challenges – A Survey

1. 2005 Survey:  The Top Challenges Facing Business Analysts by Business Improvement Architects. Still relevant today, this article summarises survey data collected from interviews with business analysts attending Project World/Business Analyst World 2005 in Toronto, Canada. The survey identified that “Lack of Clarity in the Scope of the Business Functions” and “Business Requirements Not Well-Defined” as the top two challenges facing business analysts. Discussion is provided on how to deal with the top 4 of the overall 10 challenges documented in the article.

6 Common Business Analyst Challenges

2. Six Common Problems Faced By A Business Analyst by Business Analyst’s Times. This article also focusses on the requirements elicitation phase as being the primary area causing challenges for business analysts. To ensure effective elicitation of requirements, the author states that “it’s imperative that the business analyst is able to make the most of the business users’ time and knowledge”. Six problem areas are discussed with recommendations on how to address them.

Challenges Faced By Business Analyst Managers

3. Some Key Challenges Faced by Business Analyst Managers by Bridging The Gap. A lot of consideration if given to the challenges for the business analyst. In this article, a different view point is taken where the challenges for the business analysts manager are examined. Laura Brandenburg states that “we rarely stop and give our managers credit for what they do for us and how they are contributing to our profession.” Learn how business analyst managers contribute to the business analysis profession.

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