11 essential business analyst qualities for success

Business Analysts are the bridge between the business and the organisations that supply the technology to support business.

BAs are communicators, facilitators, negotiators, and agents of change.

Do you have these business analyst qualities? A successful business analyst should have the ability to:

  1. Understand the purpose and needs of the business before considering technology solutions.
  2. Work with business owners and project managers to understand the objectives of the project and develop a project approach.
  3. Select and use various tools, methodologies (e.g., Agile Methodology, Object Oriented Analysis) and techniques (e.g., UML) for a given approach.
  4. Communicate effectively and confidently with various stakeholders to elicit requirements through workshops, meetings and informal means.
  5. Analyse information from various sources (i.e., documentation, existing systems, and requirements gathering sessions).
  6. Solve problems, assess solutions, and present clear and relevant concepts to the business.
  7. Communicate your analysis verbally, and in writing, at the right level for the audience.
  8. Be adaptable and capable of developing trusting relationships with business and ICT stakeholders.
  9. Be adequately IT fluent to translate business requirements into specifications that can be understood by system developers.
  10. Communicate in a business natural way to elicit requirements that make technology sense.
  11. Leave the ego at the door and ask questions such as “what does this mean?”, “why do you need this?”, and “what happens next?” for better requirements elicitation.

These are some of the qualities that I have drawn from my experience.

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