Stakeholder Engagement

A skilled business analyst plays a critical role in the success or failure of a project. Business analysts engage with stakeholders to build relationships, foster ownership, influence outcomes, gather information and facilitate the resolution of problems. Read more

Elicitation Techniques

Mistakes made in elicitation can be a major cause of systems failure or abandonment, and this has a very large cost either in the complete loss or the expense of fixing mistakes. Adequate study and preparation for elicitation can go a long way to preventing these types of errors. The approach to elicitation must be logical and meticulous. Read more

Problem Solving

When the problem is properly understood, then the real difference can be made. You are able to narrow down and choose the right tool and use it to analyse and communicate the problem and articulate a possible solution. This way there is less overwhelm, and you can produce better results. Read more

The 1 thing business analysts should avoid

There’s a lot written on the topic of common mistakes made by business analysts. That’s because considerable thought is given to how good business analysis practice can add value to an organisation, which is important for sustainability and growth. In this article I describe the things that business analyst’s should avoid. Read more

3 reasons why you should plan your business analysis activities

Without a way to describe our approach, it’s easy to get waylaid on a tangent or stuck in analysis paralysis. Often the overarching project initiation plan – typically written by the project manager – does not adequately cover the business analysis components of a project. If the BA work is not clearly defined, it can present a risk to project outcomes and stakeholder perceptions. Read more

Does your documentation demonstrate real value?

Recently I discussed how your documentation should clearly communicate value and that it’s important to understand whom your deliverables are intended to serve. Whether you’re recommending a case for change to decision makers or delivering a functional specification to a technical team, your documents must contain value for your audience. Read more

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