Project Prioritization Organizer

The Project Prioritization Organizer will help you bring order to the chaos by gaining buy in from your sponsors and clearly prioritizing projects.

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Gain Clarity and Buy-In On Priorities With a Customizable Process Toolkit to Bring Order to the Chaos

Without a clear understanding of what is most important and how the different priorities fit together to support the organization’s strategic objectives, things can feel quite chaotic.

The Project Prioritization Organizer will help you bring order to the chaos by gaining buy in from your sponsors and clearly prioritizing projects, which means your organization:

  • Gains a clear sense of direction, and a view of what projects are actually most important to the business.
  • Stops sponsors from jockeying behind-the-scenes to get their pet projects completed.
  • Prevents key team members from getting derailed by a particularly persuasive business sponsor, causing other commitments to be missed.

And all this means that your project team actually delivers your organization’s most valuable projects, instead of having team members bounce from one project to another and never get anything actually finished.

Catapult Yourself Into a Leadership Role

When you take ownership of managing project priorities, you’ll:

  • Be involved upfront in scoping and determining ROI on ALL new projects, and have a bird’s eye view of how decisions get made.
  • Position yourself as someone who deserves a seat at a more powerful table, as the Steering Committee you create will often be made up of stakeholders 1-2 levels up from you.
  • Provide a solution to your organization’s most challenging problems – and be seen as a problem solver and a change agent.

Your business analysis skills set you up to excel at this activity. And you can learn, step-by-step, exactly how to achieve this same result when you download the Project Prioritization Organizer today.

Here’s What’s Included in the Project Prioritization Organizer

  • 10 Steps to Organizing Project Priorities – This guidebook will walk you through the critical work you need to do to transition your organization from barely managed chaos to an organized approach to prioritizing and resourcing projects.
  • Prioritize Project Request Process Document – A complete step-by-step business process for prioritizing new project requests that you can apply outright or customize to suit your organizational specifics.
  • Project List (Excel Template and Sample) – This template will become your single source of priorities, and is how you will present new projects for review and prioritize them against currently active projects.
  • Project Request (Form and Sample) – This template (.doc) is what stakeholders will use to provide details about new proejcts and delivery teams to provide input on those projects so they can be appropriately prioritized.
  • Steering Committee Meeting Agenda – Exactly how to facilitate the prioritization of new projects by the Steering Committee.
  • Project Request Team Response Meeting Agenda – Exactly how to facilitate productive working meetings that enable your delivery team to provide an informative response to new project requests.
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