3 Articles on Requirements Prioritisation to Improve Your Technique

This week’s link roundup brings you articles about requirements prioritisation techniques by ExpertBA, Requirements Engineering Magazine and Tyner Blain.


Requirements Prioritisation

1. Requirements Prioritisation, by ExpertBA. This article describes 5 requirements prioritisation techniques and discusses why it is important for business analysts to work with the organisation to determine priorities. The ExpertBA says this: “Eliciting the requirements and fit them into the releases to develop the functionality is a major step towards the success of the development of the software/project and it’s very important to understand the risk of not prioritizing the requirements.”

An Agile and Collaborative Prioritisation Technique

2. An agile and collaborative prioritisation technique, by Requirements Engineering Magazine. This article proposes a collaborative prioritisation approach for epics and themes based on agile methods and techniques that are already well established in agile environments. I particularly like that upfront the article states that the weak point is how to determine which requirements are most important. It’s a lengthy read but well worth it!

Prioritising Requirements – Three Techniques

3. Prioritizing requirements – three techniques, by Tyner Blain. Tyner describes three techniques: classical, exhaustive and value-based. He states: “The less we know about our client’s business, the more the requirements appear to be equivalent…” and uses a McDonald’s analogy to emphasis his point, which is a great lesson learnt. 

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