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Career Resources for the Business Analyst

Business Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

Business analysts help solve organisational problems. When an organisation needs to solve a current or future problem it is a business analyst’s job to help facilitate a solution.

Business Analysis Skills and Competencies

This post will give you an outline of the skills and competencies of an effective business analyst. It will help you identify areas that you need to focus to progress your career.

Business Analysis Certifications

This primer gives you an overview of the 4 major certification bodies in the world, and a breakdown of some certifications that you may want to consider as part of your career roadmap.

The Business Analyst Mindset

Great business analysis is more about mindset, and less about skills. It is about ‘how’ you go about doing things that makes the real difference in this profession.

The Ultimate Guide to Business Analyst Interview Questions

To succeed in your interviews and employment conversations, it is important you thoroughly understand the functions, expectations and qualities of a business analyst.

How to Advance Your Business Analyst Career

If you would like to enter a business analyst career, or have already started, there are several factors to consider.

Business Analysis Planning

Metrics to Measure Business Analyst Performance

A way to assess the business analysis work is important to make future improvements to the process where required. This post describes the important metrics and KPIs to consider when planning and measuring your business analysis effort.

The Ultimate Guide to Business Analysis Planning

If you want to be more effective on your next BA project, it’s worth investing some time in planning your activities and approach.

Stakeholder Engagement

How to Establish and Maintain Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Business analysts engage with stakeholders to build relationships, foster ownership, influence outcomes, gather information and facilitate the resolution of problems.

Elicitation Techniques

Types of Elicitation Techniques for the Business Analyst

One of the first problems a business analyst needs to solve when starting a new project is how to elicit to the requirements.

Requirements Elicitation Questions for Business Analysts

Get the guidance you need to make the most out of your elicitation efforts and produce clear and complete requirements.

Problem Solving

The Business Analyst Problem Solving Framework

With so many methodologies and technologies, developing competency in the Problem Solving Framework will help you stay relevant as a Business Analyst.

How to Define a Problem and Generate Solutions

The business analysis process can be viewed as an exercise in solving a series of problems to produce beneficial outcomes for an organisation.

Business Analysis Problem Solving Techniques

Problem solving is a major discipline within business analysis. Here are 3 business analysis techniques that will help you discover and analyse a given problem.

How to Write a Business Problem Statement – with Examples

The problem statement is a description of an issue currently existing and the context for how it will be addressed.

Requirements Management

5 Popular Requirements Prioritisation Techniques

When prioritising requirements it’s important to ensure stakeholder involvement in the process. Typically, requirements are elicited through workshops, documented sources, and existing systems and processes.

3 Articles on Requirements Prioritisation to Improve Your Technique

Three articles on requirements prioritisation including why and how requirements should be prioritised and where the issues occur.

Solution Evaluation and Options Analysis

How to Develop a Recommendation for the Implementation of a System

This is a powerful method for developing assessment criteria for scoring a range of implementation options.

Presenting a Case for Change – How to Get People to Read Your Business Case

Get your facts together and write a compelling case for change.

Business Analysis Deliverables

5 Business Analysis Deliverables

These deliverables, or components of them, are the critical outputs of business analysis work. It is important that the business analyst gets familiar with these deliverables and how to elicit them.

Documents Prepared by the Business Analyst – The BA Template Toolkit

Understanding the type of project, the problem you’re solving, or the solution you are delivering will inform the types of documentation to be produced.

The Non-Functional Requirements Checklist

Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) capture conditions that do not directly relate to the behaviour or functionality of the solution, but rather describe environmental conditions under which the solution must remain effective or qualities that the system must have.

Frameworks and Methodologies

Agile and Waterfall Software Development Methodologies

The type of methodology to be used can also be determined according to what is best for the organisation.

Business Analysis Resources

Business Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

Business analysts help solve organisational problems. When an organisation needs to solve a current or future problem it is a business analyst’s job to help facilitate a solution.

Free Business Analysis e-Books and Training Resources

If you’re looking for free business analysis eBooks and training to get you started in business analysis or further your understanding, check out these resources.

Must-Read Business Analysis Blogs and Websites

Here are 24 business analysis blogs and websites that will help keep up to date with recent developments in business analysis and business analysis related disciplines.
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