Templates for Your Business Analysis Toolkit

If you want to be seen as someone who gets things done and delivers results, a good set of templates in your business analysis toolkit can help.

I recommend the Business Analyst Template Toolkit as an excellent foundation for your toolkit of resources.

The Business Analyst Template Toolkit is not just a bunch of templates containing empty sub-headings. These templates will increase your effectiveness as a business analyst by helping you produce better quality and concise deliverables.

It’s a valuable resource containing 12 fully annotated templates and helpful guidance on how to use them. For each template, a corresponding work sample shows you what the template will look like when completed.

The toolkit comes with instructions on how to apply these business analysis deliverables in each of the three broad phases of a project. These phases are initiation, definition and implementation. And for each phase you – the business analyst – will provide input at varying degrees.

Whether you’re scoping the project requirements in the initiation phase, developing the functional requirements in the definition phase or revising changes during the implementation phase – the Business Analyst Template Toolkit gives you the guidance you need to produce the correct deliverables in each phase.

It won’t be the magic bullet that makes your work suddenly exceptional. Neither will you suddenly produce clear, precise and consistent requirements. That’s up to you. But it will assist you in improving the quality of your work and it will provide you with a helpful structure to follow that will save you time.

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