Why an audience focused approach to business analysis is important

Previously, I introduced the first of the top 3 skills and qualities that will help you be truly successful in your business analyst career.

It is about adopting a ‘problem solving’ focus as opposed to an implementation focus, which primarily involves problem identification, elicitation skills and stakeholder management.

Now I want to tell you about the second of the top 3 skills and qualities.

I believe 100% that great business analysis is more about mindset, and less about skills.

A very good starting point for developing your BA mindset is to gain an awareness of 3 things in your mental framework.

Because without having the right kind of mental framework for affecting change, it is difficult to deliver true value.

The second of the big 3 is…

Adopt an audience focused approach that clearly communicates solutions to complex business problems

This means that you know your audience and you know how to present information to them for optimum clarity.

Who are your stakeholders?

What are their challenges?

What decisions do they need to make?

What information do they need from you?

What is the best way to present that information?

A large part of the business analyst’s work requires engagement to gather data about their stakeholders’ issues and needs, and then clearly and concisely present that information back to them.

Therefore, it is important to understand who your stakeholders are and what they need from you.

I provide a comprehensive guide to on how to build and sustain stakeholder engagement in my 8-Week Career Transformation Program.

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