6 Awesome Resources to Start or Improve Your Business Analysis Career (All Completely Free!)

Here you’ll find 6 highly recommended resources to increase your effectiveness as Business Analyst by Bridging the Gap. Bridging the Gap provide online training and certification to business analysts with free resources to help anyone looking to start or improve their business analysis career. One of the best ways that they serve business analysts is by providing quality resources that you can depend on.

The Responsibilities of a Product Owner in Scrum

Product Owners play integral part within Scrum product development teams. They strive to deliver high value and high quality products to the business often and on time. Quite often Business Analysts either step into to the role of a Product Owner to fill the gap on a Agile Scrum project, or they transition their careers to a full-time Product Owner. If you are currently a Product Owner or thinking of becoming one, then this post can help you.

3 Best Toolkits to Master Business Analysis Deliverables

As a Business Analyst, it is important to understand the different deliverables that are used when defining and designing a technological solution for your business. These deliverables are critical outputs of our work, so an understanding of them will help ensure successful outcomes. Here you’ll find 3 highly recommended template toolkits to increase your effectiveness as Business Analyst on Waterfall or Agile projects.

4 Best Books to Master Agile Business Analysis

Business Analysts play an important role in Agile teams as they provide essential support for project success. They are responsible for analysing user needs, defining requirements, creating prototypes, testing functionality and providing feedback throughout the development process. Here are 4 must-read books that will give you a strong foundation to master Agile Business Analysis.

Business Analysis Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

This glossary includes key terms, definitions and concepts related to business analysis, and is an invaluable resource for professionals in this field. It serves as a common language between practitioners from different countries, domains and organisations who may use slightly different words or phrases for the same concept.

5 Best Books to Master Non-Functional Requirements

Business Analysts often struggle in formulating NFRs and requirements specifications can contain quite lengthy functional requirements but the NFRs section is lacking in detail or is non-existent altogether. Here are 5 highly recommended books that will help you improve your requirements discovery skills and master non-functional requirements.

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