The Business Analyst Email Toolkit

Save time writing emails

Do you find yourself wasting a lot of time writing and re-writing emails on your projects? Do you send an email only to have an unexpected response (or no response at all) and experience project delays? Would you be interested in learning more about a solution that could help you stop worrying so much about the emails you send?

Because of the high value of using email as part key aspects of the business analysis process, Laura Brandenburg has put together the Business Analyst Email Toolkit. The toolkit contains 32 email templates covering common business analyst work scenarios that will save you time and help you write more professional emails.

Learn more about the Business Analyst Email Toolkit here.

Writing emails can be very time consuming. To support better project outcomes, the Business Analyst Email Toolkit will help you correspond more effectively and professionally. It will take the stress out of finding the right words to communicate with your stakeholders, and help you get the results you need!

The Toolkit focuses on business analysis processes that tend to be email-intensive or particularly well-suited for email as a form of communication. Because poorly written emails can cause more problems than they solve, these processes can be challenging, especially if you are new to them.

Also, if you not receiving the responses you need from your emails, you may find the structure provided by the toolkit helps you to solicit more appropriate responses when raising issues, getting information, and sending out deliverables for review. What’s more, the templates can be a good refresher to make sure you are using best practices for emails.

The Business Analyst Email Toolkit here is not designed to take the place of personal contact. Virtual and in-person meetings are still a critical aspect of business analysis. However, the toolkit will help you better set expectations, get the information you need, request input on requirements, and manage issues.

What’s more, the email templates are included as Microsoft Word documents so you can copy and paste the content right into your preferred email software. They will work if you use Outlook, Gmail, or any other email software application.

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